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DBM 380 Entire Course


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Database Recommendation Instructions: The first and most important database-related decisions are whether to use a database at all and, if so, which database management system to use and why. Today there are dozens of database management systems available; however, some are be..

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Normalized Database Design Assignment Instructions: A relational database must be designed and normalized before it can be created, populated with data, and used. Database design depends on the business scenario(s) a database architect needs to model, but all relational databa..

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Create and Populate a Database Instructions: Resources: "SQL CREATE DATABASE Statement," "SQL CREATE TABLE Statement," "SQL PRIMARY KEY Constraint," "SQL FOREIGN KEY Constraint," and "SQL INSERT INTO Statement" For this assignment, you will create the database you designed in ..

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Select and Update Data in Related Tables Instructions: Running reports on existing data and updating data records are very common tasks in the industry. For this assignment, you will begin with a database containing severalpre-populated tables. Download and unzip the Microsoft..

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Database Administrator Instructions: Imagine that you have the educational background, skills, and abilities to be a database administrator. The XYZ company recently announced a vacancy for a database administrator position, and you are very interested because XYZ is known as ..